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Hello I am Roy Harley, i am a Famous Conservative Promoter, and Blogger. i Have Been Mentioned on Hannity and my articles CL Posts have Been Mentioned By rush Limbaugh, some people call me a Pain in the, but
i love Life love stirring up Trouble, not every thing i say is Serious
if e cannot have Fun what is the point.i have 3 blogs at Present, some of you will know me from Cl Posts twitter Google Plus the now gone Jaiku.FrienDFeed or some Obscure Classified sits or ebay Classifieds, or
Digital point forums or you may Know me personally, From Nashville Urm or Belle Meade Buffet or off shore oil Riggs Morgan City Louisianna or Houston Tomball or Brother Charlies in Tifton or truck driving School
in dothan or The Bill Dillard express or other carnival i travelled with
or 269Th Engr Co in Live oaK Fla, or the Uss aubrey fitch ffg-34, or Orlando basic and A school, or FT Bliss Texas Army basic, or Ft Leonard wood Missouri, or Corry Pa my Present Home Or Jasper Fla my Home town.
or from labor pools in 90s to many states and towns to Mention i forgot my point


Posted August 4, 2011 by elvisroy0000

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